Martin Dasko, Studenomics Profiled on Toronto Guardian
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Martin Dasko writes Studenomics a DIY personal finance blog in Canada. This twenty nine year old man lives and works in downtown Toronto, but the portal has an international flavour. The site is unique because Martin 'drives' the content - he writes from his own perspective, using personal pronouns and anecdotes from his own life experience, which is unlike so many other frugal blog sites where like-minded groups, anonymous non profts or nameless faceless debt consolidation managers helm the ship. The blog is so good because Martin is 'large and in charge'.
Martin Dasko, Studenomics DIY finance
Studenomics is a fantastic and useful destination filled with good information and brilliant ideas for students looking to save money or start a product label - that article, as an exmaple comes complete with links to label printing companies and glass bottlers and testing equipment suppliers. Readers get the feeling there's nothing stopping them from picking up the phone and getting started in their own venture. Same goes for Martin's prosiac pieces on personal banking, buying stocks and driving for UBER
Martin Dasko on Toronto Guardian, 31st Jan 2017
At the beginning of this month February 2017, Martin was photographed and profiled on Toronto Guardian - Studenomics, Martin Dasko’s Finance Blog for Millennials with a look at his blog, his DIY finance book for sale on Amazon, and some insights into his character.

Martin Dasko in Liberty Village Toronto

Besides holding a difficult and mentally stressfull day job ( Martin works in real estate investing and finance)  the twenty-something athlete also dresses up in a black spandex suit (covered with pink hearts) and performs as a The Latin Lover , a wrestler with Hogtown Pro live wrestling in Toronto on wknds. He's a true weekend warrior! Martin published a post titled Seven Secrets to Attracting Sponsors in Studenomics which shows him receiving a free athletic sports guard from Archer Dental.

What else? This charismatic tween is occupied writing a new book and completing some other business ventures which can't be detailed just yet. 'Its competitive' , is all Martin would say on the subject.

Highly Effective Art About Golf Lessons At Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy
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The experience of getting golf lessons at Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy in west central Ontario is the subject of a fascinating NewHive art piece by yours truly, the artist known as Roberrific. The lens as they are called shows images and anecdotes over links to three different initaitives that happened at the golf academy in the summer of 2016 - not the least of which was a Sweets Canada sponsored Singles Golf Lessons and Mixer event which happend Aug 25th 2016 and thats where I got my picture taken as you see left.

junior golfer gets golf lessons with Bradlee RyallRyall Golf Enterprises has been gleaning a lot of good press lately, because of new management at the course and recent renovations of clubhouses and certain Canadian celebrity visits have made the news. Bradlee has organized a natural golf training development model to help grow golfers through proper training and structured practice time; the process is helping transform hundreds of people into better golfers today. So this activity inspires ART. Bradlee has come to the attention of multi media artists like myself who use various tools like the one you see below to make interactive displays as homage to his genius and service to all humanity, esp to juniors who come to his golf academy seeking guidance and the gentle hand that will steer them toward a dream life as a PGA competitor.

For the rest of us, we simply count on Bradlee and his skilled team of personable golf pros to dispense the basic tips and tricks and help us with our swing so we can break 100, break ninety and maybe someday we can break eighty.

new hive roberrific golf lessons

Removing Raccoons in Toronto with Derick McChesney of SWAT Wildlife
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I spent Friday April 15th 2016 with Derick  McChesney, the raccoon removal expert at SWAT Wildlife in Toronto. This was fun day for me because Derick has such an interesting job and few people have as much wisdom and experience finding pestulant animals in peoples' homes. The dude's a wealth of information and fin to be around.

On our first visit to a home along the Don Valley ravine he made a one-way trap door to let an adult raccoon out of the attic and keep her out. Below are some of the pictures that I had left over from a profesional article I wrote about my Day with Derick (and Mike) doing raccoon removal on Life as a Human magazine.. SWAT Wildlife deals with all types wildlife that can be a nuisance to residential, commercial and industrial properties and offers a variety of wildlife removal services & prevention strategies.

Derick was quoted in Josie Sterns real estate blog talking about raccoon removal, Well more specifically he said that “roughly 15-20% of homes probably have a mice issue or have once had a wildlife issue. Most of the time the seller will only do the minimum amount of work to get rid of the problem and decline the necessary prevention so they can sell the house and then leave the problem with someone else."

Buyers that do unwittingly purchase animal infested properties are in for nightmare renovations; they will need new carpets minimum and maybe new flooring, drywall and probably even new insulation. Derick gives even more good advice about raccoon removal on David Johanns' Home with Johanns Blog which includes a fast paced informative video interview with Derick by David Johanns on the set of an active wildlife inspection and removal in the Beaches area of Toronto.

Some homeowners question whether or not its illegal to kill raccoons on your property? Its kind of a grey area for some folks, and black and white 'YES ITS ILEGAL!' for others. So what do you think? If you found baby raccoons in your attic would you drown them? or put them outside where the mother raccoon could take them away and raise them? Well if you killed the baby raccoons you could be breaking the law. This discussion is a conversation on Toronto Golf Nuts about whether its illegal to kill raccoons in the GTA.

This Mike. He's a trainee coming on strong! He loves raccoons and wouldn't harm them or tolerate seeing them harmed in any way. He's firmly in the 'Yes its ilegal' camp, same as is Derick. Their job is to protect these animals in our urban society.  This post on Urban Toronto describes the politics of raccoons at Toronto City Hall, in municiple government, before and after Rob Ford.

Everyone has a different perspective on raccoons. I guess it depends where you live. A local home security blog lists how raccoons give clues to prowlers about good homes to rob; it seems thieves can learn a lot about a property by watching how wildlife interacts with the security perimeter and whether or not there are motion detector lights on the house etc. Its a good story.

Contests and Challenges at 2016 Outdoor Adventure Show
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The photos and stories below were collected at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 19-21 February and they tell a story about how companies advertise themselves and try to collect personal information from attendees at modern trade shows.

There’s more information about many of the business glimpsed here and even a close up of the ingredients in D&D Meats salami in the article about the 2016 Outdoor Adventure Show on Toronto Guardian. But this blog is about The Pitch and presentation of a business at a public facing niche gathering that is a modern business tradeshow.

The most popular public engagement tactics witnessed at the Outdoor Adventure Show were mostly embedded in easy-to-enter sweepstakes and puzzle assembly or scavenger hunt contests. The difference being that sweepstakes are simply a draw while contests require the cointestant take some meaningful action and show some skill. Thats why some draws have a skill testing question - they need to separate themselves from the legislation governing sweepstakes which is a little more heavily scrutinized by federal than skill-to-win contests.

Vendors without proper websites would often resort to using paper sign up sheets, while more advanced exhibitors had ipads or better yet they had mobile contest apps. They asked folks to sign up on their phones. These sophisticated merchants rewarded people who could get to a particular screen on the app with an entry code or key. Many radio stations and travel agencies ran contests that required entrants to physically show up at the trade show to validate their tickets and confirm their entry into the competition. The lady pictured above was so keen on her own challenge that she was charging ten dollars per entry, and you can see that by Saturday at 1pm - half way through the three day weekend exhibition she still only had less than a dozen entries.

Look at some of the other contests we noticed at the show, There are even more pictures and a video of the show in this article about the 2016 Outdoor Adventure Show on Life as a Human.

The image to the right shows the Grey Owl Adventures contest which brought many entrants to the show with hopes of winning an eight day all expenses paid excursion into the wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Below are the proprietors of Wild Women Expeditions who dreamed up a novel approach by having contest entrants sign their wooden canoe paddle and whomever had the catchiest signature slogan would be the winner of their free membership prize.  This is actually a rather strange organization that only designs and executes canoe and hiking trips for women. I wonder if the contest is rigged? What if a man snuck in and wrote the best slogan without them noticing? What would happen then?

Wild Women Expeditions at the 2016 Outside Adventure Show in Toronto
Wild Women Magazine is a lifestyle magazine illuminating the editors' and contributors' relationship with nature. They imagine a deep primal source that nourishes, liberates and frees their spirits from the constraints of civilization and the shackles of our modern “polite” society. The stories inside are a refuge, an escape from urban concrete into a lush, living secret garden, feral and full of magic. The periodical is an expression of the way women move in the wild world, following natural rhythms and coming together in community.

Wild Women favour cooperation over competition, connection and compassion to ego and fear. They are bold and brave adventurers and warriors who protect what they love and are deeply dedicated to conservation of wild places and strive to step lightly on the land, leaving gentle footprints in their wake. I got most of that from their website.

All across this convention business owners and executives rented booths to advertise services, display products, sell franchises, license agents, sign up new dealers, and of course meet consumers. They were all here to do business. They know that making a good appearance at a busy trade show like this can yield a lot of strong relationships which is key to the success of any venture. Advanced engagement tactics can double or triple the volume of interactions and possibly even increase the quality of each encounter.

As described on HeadsUp Dad, The Outdoor Adventure Show is for Kids, vendors are keenly aware they need to offer distractions when it comes to attracting young families.

Rapid Kayak Buyers Guide Best Free Online

The guys at Rapid Media gave me an insider link to a free version of 2016 kayak buyer’s guide online. which was considered one of the big secrets of the show. Rapid Media had some all-ages engagement strategies at play, and in the age of shareable moments the magazine title cardboard cutouts were really busy, especially the ‘Wild Women’ Adventure Kayak magazine cutout

Xcitelife Engagement Was Powered by Charisma and Contests

One of the best engagement tactics witnessed at the show is meeting people by force of personality; putting attractive people in distinctive clothing and making them available for conversations is destined to be successful. It never fails.

New people at the show were sure curious about the crew dressed entirely in black with red Xs across their chests. People got even more excited when they discovered the long list of fun things to do at Xcitelife. The active adventure company were real eager to show off their dynamic ‘sharing economy’ business model. Charismatic greeters stood under company signage drumming up excitement for their new age experience marketplace.

Xcitelife had great success signing up many new users by offering a free vacation contest offering tied to a new outlook on life. Like most revolutionary new business concepts Xcitelife also dispenses a new more satisfying state of mind. New members were asked to write their dream vacation aspirations on red paper X’s which the Xcitelifers pinned to their giant dream board.

The 6×6 cork board soon displayed the travel fantasies of the entire trade show, and it was from this soft wooden pane that a prize winner was eventually selected. “Everyone wants to live an Xciting life, but too often folks get stuck in the ordinary” says Paul Peic. “At Xcitelife we’ve made it our mission to transform lives through experiences.”

There were over 300 dealers and over thirty thousand attendees at the three day long show in Toronto.  Many memories were made and deals were struck.

In summary, there are many ways to meet people at tradeshows and this show is no different than a big tech conference or a health retreat 0\- its kind of a combination of the two. Vendors here distribute branded items, talk about their products, and do everything possible to scan attendees' badges with lead retrieval scanners. Most companies here use the same trade show tactics as each other, and most attendees have probably already forgeten who was who. Above are the folks who stood pout and made meaningful impressions than their competitors and their brand logos and pitches will stay on attendees' brains long after the event is over.

FishHunter is Made in Canada Phone Display Fish Finder for Kayak Fishing,
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I have a functioning FishHunter fish finder for kayaks safe in a box here in my apartment in Toronto. This is a nifty little gizmo that I can Bluetooth pair to any smartphone and thereby give you or any fisherman a new perspective on their favourite fishing hole. After deploying the bobber, (it has to be in the water to work) I can display the actual topography and structure on the bottom of any water body. Now I find myself planning trips to aquatic destinations wherein i can use this blessed contraption, fishing and showing off the bottom of the river or creek bed to friends or anyone who'll look.

Fishhunter fishfinder for kayaksSo here's some backstory; the fish finder gizmo itself is not modern technology considering it was invented in World War II, however the miniaturization of the components is revolutionary. And there are other even more recent advances could be considered cutting edge, state-of-the-art stuff. For example the composition and shape of the piezoelectric cells. Fuel Ghoul described some of the technological innovations behind FishHunter last year, and I'm told the newer model coming out stretches these advances even further.

Fishfinders can give you an understanding of what is in the water, what is under your kayak, the depth, the terrain and structure, and of course the fish. Smart fishmen use the device to scan the structure of the ground

While I'm sure almost any fishfinder designed for use on a small boat is suitable for use on a kayak, FishHunter is so completely portable it functions regardless of the watercraft as its a self contained tennis-ball shaped apparatus that can be deployed anywhere near' the kayak from which you are fishing.

The best fish finders for kayaks are small, sealed fishfinders that come in various sizes with a huge range of features. Hiking magazines and kayak fishing magazines like Kayak Angler are filled with reviews for small basic boat mounted fishfinders with display armatures that share a black-and-white, low-resolution screen that will show you the depth, the bottom structure, and hopefully some fish, but eventually you may evolve to a FishHunter.

Fish Hunter is a great mid range fish finder that offers an easy to read colour screen display on your phone. Its filled with information about the bottom structure, the water temperature and the water column in various different ways, the standard 2D, down-imaging, and even what’s out to the sides with the latest side imaging technology.

When combined with your phone FishHunter actually becomes a 'combo unit' that links up to GPS to offer mapping functionality, which are great for being able to chart your drift so you can paddle back and re-drift along that same line you just picked up those fish on, or use the marine chart to find the fish-holding drop offs and features.

Kayaking the Madawaska

When I'm out in the wilderness with my girl, I have a love hate relationship with technology. I just want to get away from the world, But I love using FishHunter fish finder for kayaks.

I'm trying the sell or trade the device online- selling or trading FishHunter fish finder for kayaks on Ontario Sport Fishing diuscussion forum and selling or trading FishHunter kayak fishing fishfinder on Quinte Discussion forum is ..nite

And I ended up discussing the merits of this new technology in a couple of other places, including Howard Forums which is phone technology information marketplace and discussiion forum. The thread FishHunter fish finder for kayak fishing for sale lists the web price at $149 which may be the Canadian price only.  Additionally its one of my favourite practices to write technology reviews on SmartCanucks discussion forum, FishHunter kayak fishing fishfinder.

I have to include pictures of St Anne's church and shrine in Cormac, Ontario .

Had the opportunity to discuss St Anne's shrine and church on Christian Outdoor discussion forums which is based in Alberta and so they must appreciate seeing Catholic structures built by some of the original Catholics .

Raymi Gets A Spray Tan At Urbansun Tanning Salon Before Toronto International Film Festival Party
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September is film festival season in Toronto and that means TIFF parties. This year I had the pleasure of attending the #ACTRAGetsLoose party with a well tanned Raymi the Minx and I got some great pictures at the event and wrote this article about the ACTRA Hang Loose Media TIFF party on Toronto is Awesome magazine. Raymi was welcomed onto the red carpet and the assembled photographers were absolutely delighted to take her picture and some PR ladies even posted links to her blog in their photo descriptions. Thanks Glenda Fordham for the pictures. Raymi had a raymazing night to be sure.
Earlier in the week Raymi wrote an informative blog post about getting a spray tan as a lead up to the event. Her Raymi Toronto blog entry, Raymi Visits Urbansun Tanning Salon contains a first hand account of the experience of getting a Mystic Tan spray tan, and there's a cool stop-and-start web video accompanying the text and photos of the visit. She's a cool chick and does it right - Lauren White has multiple social media platforms and is able to really work it on behalf of her sponsors, growing the followers and making good SEO links to raise their presence in social networks amd search engines.

She went to Urbansun tanning salon in Scarborough (2555 Victoria Park) and reviewed their Sun Capsule X7  HP

Sun Capsule X7 HD is a two stage rig – the second chamber is drowned in white light from a patented 5.5 sided, 220 watt tanning system, complete with 54 220 hp sunlamps. Raymi detailed this experience and went on to report what it felt like getting a Mystic Tan spray tan system which is tha cadillac of self directed spray tan mechanisms, I'm told.

Mystic Tan System

The color of confidence.  'Will I look orange?' Raymi asks, 'No.' The attendent answers routinely, "The sunless tanning solutions is made to form a natural, bronze tan, and I will help you select the proper level of tanning solution to best match your skin tone." And of course she reminded Raymi that the color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation, just like a natural sun tan fades over time.


The process started with Marianne helping Raymi get ready, tucking her hair into a net and advising exact lubricant areas. She played dance music but wouldnt turn it up as Raymi had to listen to the instruction soundtrack during the spray tan to get the timing right.

What is a Sunless tan?
This is a spray tan. The Mystic Tan is the spray / mist application of specially formulated 'tanning solution' to coat the skin on the subject's body. When applied, DHA (the active ingredient in Mystic Tan sunless tanning system solutions) reacts with the proteins in the skin’s superficial layer to form a golden brown color.

The Mystic Tan sunless spray tan uses advanced next generation electrostatic technology with a nozzle pattern designed for complete and even spray tan coverage for all body shapes and sizes. The automatic voice is a lady who speaks with urgency. She prompted me at every point of the process from the moment I switched the machine on to when I did the robot front and back and the rig sprayed my body – a titillating sensation in that well ventilated area. The drying process only takes a few minutes.

TIMELINE? The subject's skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and reaches its peak color within 24 hours. The best results appear the next day which was just in time for Raymi's red carpet TIFF walk. Follow Urban Sun on Twitter @UrbansunToronto, and find Urbansun on Facebook, the Eglinton location

Ecocut Lawns Uses Battery Powered Equipment to Eliminate Exhaust from Environment
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Ecocut Lawns grass cutting service in Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering is able to boast they're 100% 'sustainable' because they use battery powered equipment. These state of the art powertools may cost more to buy as an initial investment, but the business operator saves money over time. And the atmosphere is saved.. The good news for consumers is that Ecocut green lawn care services don't cost any more than other providers' charge, so consumers living in the east end of the GTA can make an informed choice that's not based on price. There's a dicussion about market driven green choices and grass cutting on Eco Forums, and how all we can do is amplify society's natural tendancy toward green options by making them slightly more attractive for one reason or another, and there are always many shades of green right down to what environmentalists might call 'grey options'.

Ecocut uses Greenworks battery powered equipment that can run all day and then get a complete charge at night when demand across the North Amwrican power grid is the lowest. Fuel Ghoul blogs about making better batteries, and what being sustainable actually means.. Do you know?

Smart Canucks details the answer: Ecocut is sustainable because their green lawn care business is not jeopardizing the potential for people in the future to meet their basic humans needs ie clean drinking water and breathing. Their activity is sustainable; it's able to continue forever because there are no carbon emissions to add to global warming, and greenhouse gases.

The company has been trying out new employees and recently gave some bloggers a crack at the job - here's one blogger who wrote about spending an hour at Ecocut Lawns in North York Ontario.  The entire company strives to be green and efficient. All their tools run on batteries that are recharged at night when demand is lowest. Ecocut Lawns grass cutting service operates in Scarborough, Markham, Pickering, Whitby, Ajax and Oshawa Ontario, Canada.
This thread on Greener People details how the owners of the company once had a solar panel mounted on top of an equipment trailer in which they would carry their gear, but after checking the books and doing some math they came to realize that hauling around the extra weight was costing them more fossil fuel than their home made solar panel and portable electrical charging system was saving. So now they just charge batteries at home.

Race Cars Test Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants, Cleaners and Rubber Tyres
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Race cars are mini test labs for advanced automotive products. Each Formula 1 race car represents hundreds of peices of cutting edge technology that are put together for speed and handling as each vessel embodies decades of design and years of maitenance. Think about how many engineers went to work on each Forumla 1 car? And how many top technical man hours have been focused on each one of the race cars in every race you see on television, or that you watch live in person in the stands.
Each and every automotive parts manufacturer wants to have some connection to professional racing for marketing purposes and also for product testing and data collection in extreme and genuine performance conditions. In Formula 1 racing for example, the tires are provided to all teams equally direct from the sponsor. From 2011 onwards, the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli is the sole racing car 'tyre' supplier.and chemical companies line up to donate synthetic fuels, racing oils and greases - specific lubes are devloped for Formula 1 that are designed to have exceptional capability to target and provide unmatched lubricating to a specific area or application in need of severe protection. This consequently supplies general high-performance lubricating needs and this consiequently provides an avenue for sales and marketing that brings a brand to attenton outside the store flyers and newspaper job postings.

Sponsored by numerous parts and products manufacturers, Paragon Competition Racing Team maintains their car all winter just to get it ready for six races in the spring summer and fall.
Joe Chan is a professional race car driver whose career was recently detailed on Eligible Magazine How To Be a Professional Race Car Driver. The article details how Joe started at Kart Tracks and impressed his Dad who sent him to Racing School in Michigan. Joe worked hard and won races when he was still a student and his efforts impressed older drivers and race team managers and propelled his start in professional auto racing. But it was his own business that supplimented his income and perpetuated his career.
Joe Chan at 2015 Super Tropheo California
Joe Chan is a poster child for a racing parts supllier thats also a driver and good sponsor / relationship manager. He excells at managing the tricky relationships between performer and sponsor. Joe is a life long enthusiast who has wisely created and grown a synergistic business presence at the racetrack that enables his passion for auto racing. The auto Guru blog details how engine system cleaners and other sponsors help Joe race cars and thus enable his addiction to the excitement of racing high performance automobiles.

lamborghini-maintenanceRight after each race, the Paragon Competition lamborghini is thoroughly cleaned and some small computer chips are accessed inside the vehicle for information relating to the machine's last performance, The devices measure the engine core temperatures and RPM stats, the cooling and exhaust ventilation systems etc
During the cleaning process, the exterior of the car is inspected with a soft washcloth and the body of the car is searched from bumper to bumper for dents or any new abrasions. All the hoses, fuel lines, air and oil filters are checked and thoroughly cleaned. You can read all the details relating to how Paragon Competition Racing Team cleans and maintains their Lamborghini race car on CityNet Magazine in this article, and more details on Lillith gallery auto blog about the article and its perspective on mechanics being sponsored and earning prizes for best pit crew - its a good idea,

Joe Chan writes 'In our [Lamborghini] series the engine and transmission is sealed so the task is to clean and inspect everything around the engine and transmission sub frame which is stripped-down accordingly. Then we recalibrate and reassemble all of the components. Dampers are rebuilt, and bearings are all repacked and re-installed on the car.” which he admits sounds time consuming, but this is a labour of love - all racetrack mechanics obsess over their cars.

Halfway through the maitenence ritual the car's engine is exposed as the hoses are reved and spark plugs / fuel injectors cleaned. The crew flushes and replaces all the coolant and lubricating fluids used in the last race. Race Cars test products like fue, oil and even radiator cleaners and brake line flushes etc  And they test system cleaners too. Hub Pages Advanced Fuel System Cleaners shows five companies' products which have come to market after being thouroghly tested in racing environments .Each of the corporate entities behind thebrands uses rcing teams to perfect their cosnumer grade product offerings. Indeed the Paragon Competition racing team uses Bluechem fuel system cleaner in a tank of gasoline to clean the fuel lines and injectors before storing the car to await the next race.  After cleaning the inside of the engine, the master mechanic does compression tests on engine block cylinders, and the results are sometimes requested and shared with car dealerships, parts manufacturers and other R&D professionals. You can watch Ryan Wilford demo video of Bluechem Fuel System Cleaner product on YouTube.

There's a lot more to auto racing than just being a great race car driver with a fast car. The car itself is a testing ground for specially formulated liquids relating to engine propulsion, machine lubrication, and cooling metals. The liquids used to clean the engine between races can also affect the performance of the automobile. While the track tests drivers on curves and straight stretches, the car is testing these fluids by using them, and competing with them in these exciting circumstances.

The Mid Life Crisis Marketing Show in Victoria Oct 2,3 2015
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We like to joke about it, but the cost of having a full blown mid life crises can be devastating.  What is a mid life crises? David Bainbridge, an American evolutionary zoologist who wrote Middle Age: A Natural History explains the science behind the physical, mental and emotional changes that men and women experience between the ages of 40 and 60.

Positive Mid Life Crises Messaging
the midlife crises showThe 2015 Mid Life Crises Show is happening in Victoria BC.  "There’s strength in numbers and the 50 to 75 demographic has it in spades,” says Show Manager Barbara Newton. “This is a generation ready to challenge conventions and embrace new lifestyle opportunities. “With a lot of life’s heavy lifting done and dusted, this generation is ready for re-discovery and they are coming at it with lots of life experience, some resources at their disposal and the knowledge that their time is not unlimited. They have seen their parents age and they want to make the most of this unique phase of their lives.”

Seventy eight exhibitors are already booked for Carson Hall. On Friday Oct 2nd there'll be an unforgetable evening of Canadian comedy showcasing the superb stoprytelling of legendary entertainer Brent Butt. This will be followed by a VIP Opening Reception where you can have a drink with Brent Butt and other VIPs.  This is the lighter side of a mid life crisis.

Despite the friendly tone, and tongue-in-cheek humour, immoral advertisers across Canada often prey on this unfortunate human condition. Some suggestive ads are so effective they can actually cause people to have a midlife crises. Here are the top industries that target this natural, but possibly unhealthy human condition.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

A typical ad for bad credit car loans could show a good looking man with a briefcase full of cash standing in front of a luxury car complete with a younger woman in the passenger seat. Sometimes these unscrupulous marketers will show a luxury car and beautiful girl alone with the understanding that these could be yours with proper financing. Researching the phenomenon of Mid Life Crisis Marketing campaigns while shopping for a corvette, i put all details in my blog post, Identifying a Mid Life Crisis Marketing Campaign

Used car salesmen will tell you that it’s easy to spot the man having a mid life crises. He drives into the dealership a minivan and then spends an hour looking at the corvettes. And because he’s taken the time to visit the dealership, they know he’s serious. He’ll buy whatever his Beacon Score allows and the account manager asks probing questions to create a TDSR or Total Debt Servicing Ratio. A debt service measure that financial lenders use as a rule of thumb to give a preliminary assessment of whether a potential borrower is already in too much debt.  More specifically, this ratio shows the proportion of gross income that is already spent on housing-related and other similar payments. I describe my own car shopping experience at Humberview Cherolet applying for a bad credit car loan to buy a corvette on

national lampoon vacationAdventure Travel Packages, Hedonism, Extreme Sports

When the Griswald Family goes on vacation, every character experiences a 'coming of age' and forty five year old Clarke Griswald has a quintessential mid life crises complete with a beautiful blonde fantasy woman in a red sports car.

Adventure travel businesses use words like ‘bucket list’ and ‘high points’ to entice weary workers that might consider doing something extraordinary before they die. The mere reminder of our mortality in adventure travel advertising messages can trigger physiologically unstable readers to take more chances. Hedonism resorts built their entire business model on this notion.

River kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking are the most common activities for North American mid life crises sufferers. Women most commonly choose jogging, dance, aerobics amd cycling.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is another popular solution for both men and women suffering middle age anxieties.  Most men believe they can maintain their good looks with the right practitioners, and enough funds to pay them for the next fufty years. Men often start down the long road of cosmetic improvements by first dying their hair, and then tanning, then experiment with skin care treatments and hair treatments. Male customers at most Canadian laser clinics are approximately ten years older, and richer than their female friends.

Laser Clinics, Day Spas

Numi Laser Spa in Brampton, Ontario takes a high tech approach to help men and women through middle age. Their Mid Life Crises Spa Package advertises a ‘transformation in physical appearance using lasers and ultraviolet light.’

Personal Fitness, Supplements and Sexual Health Industry

Many older people equate youth with sexual vigor perhaps because they remember their own prowess. A man’s mid life crisis can be exacerbated by feelings of sexual inadequacy. Everyone has seen advertisements that promise men new sexual powers and renewed stamina. Somewhere in these messages there’s usually a promise to help make an ‘eighteen year old body again’ which is a base desire for everyone seeking immortality. Using this measurement standard causes Canadians to reflect back on their own lives and ponder the likelihood of having their best sex again, or better sex in the future. It’s a very clever tactic as many older consumers try to recreate that aspect of their youth.

Surviving a Mid Life Crises

It's possible to escape the crisis mentality and have a positive mid life moment of epiphany without plunging deep into debt or destroying old friendships. The worst case scenario is when sufferers turn their backs on their families, disown their children or parents. Men and women who win the most from their cathartic self struggle are those who question themselves the most successfully, and in their search for answers find new values and greater comfort in their own bodies and their place in the world.

Cloud Warriors is Perfect Small Business Web Marketing for Restaurants
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Cloud Warriors is a space age Trivia game played on a Twitter Wall - read the Digital Journal piece about the maiden extravaganza last week, feb 24 2015

Cloud Warriors debuted in Mississauga Ontario with much critical acclaim.

The ninety minute game is real fun to play and works well for web marketing a restaurant or dance club. It unites a real life community behind the host venue.

The initial Cloud Warriors launch event at Cagneys in Mississauga was sponsored by four different firms who used the storytelling in the actual trivia questions of the game to spread knowledge of their real life business. For example a local Master Mechanic automotive garage owner asked folks to find and post their address. The host bar sponsored questions about the menu and gave away menu items as rewards.

In Cloud Warriors a charismatic host asks twenty one questions that any dumb guy with a smart phone could answer provided they're not all thumbs. The game is not so much about how smart the contestants are, but rather, how well they can search things and how fast they can find the correct information they seek and how skilfully they can tweet the correct answers beside the

#cloudwarriors hashtag so they appear on the Twitterwall - the first correct answer tweet to appear wins the cash.

Interesting note -of the fourteen different players at Cloud Warriors , eleven of them had iPhones and three were Android.

Surround digital agency debuted the game and hosted a heckuva party at the bar.

The grand prize was donated by a cloud services company and was a high quality WiFi antenna designed to log onto free networks a 1/2 mile away.

In summary, the first Cloud Warriors event raised the profile of a neighborhood pub in Mississauga and tripled bar sales on am otherwise slow night.

Do you want to host Cloud Warriors in your neighbourhood pub?


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