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Race Cars Test Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants, Cleaners and Rubber Tyres
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Race cars are mini test labs for advanced automotive products. Each Formula 1 race car represents hundreds of peices of cutting edge technology that are put together for speed and handling as each vessel embodies decades of design and years of maitenance. Think about how many engineers went to work on each Forumla 1 car? And how many top technical man hours have been focused on each one of the race cars in every race you see on television, or that you watch live in person in the stands.
Each and every automotive parts manufacturer wants to have some connection to professional racing for marketing purposes and also for product testing and data collection in extreme and genuine performance conditions. In Formula 1 racing for example, the tires are provided to all teams equally direct from the sponsor. From 2011 onwards, the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli is the sole racing car 'tyre' supplier.and chemical companies line up to donate synthetic fuels, racing oils and greases - specific lubes are devloped for Formula 1 that are designed to have exceptional capability to target and provide unmatched lubricating to a specific area or application in need of severe protection. This consequently supplies general high-performance lubricating needs and this consiequently provides an avenue for sales and marketing that brings a brand to attenton outside the store flyers and newspaper job postings.

Sponsored by numerous parts and products manufacturers, Paragon Competition Racing Team maintains their car all winter just to get it ready for six races in the spring summer and fall.
Joe Chan is a professional race car driver whose career was recently detailed on Eligible Magazine How To Be a Professional Race Car Driver. The article details how Joe started at Kart Tracks and impressed his Dad who sent him to Racing School in Michigan. Joe worked hard and won races when he was still a student and his efforts impressed older drivers and race team managers and propelled his start in professional auto racing. But it was his own business that supplimented his income and perpetuated his career.
Joe Chan at 2015 Super Tropheo California
Joe Chan is a poster child for a racing parts supllier thats also a driver and good sponsor / relationship manager. He excells at managing the tricky relationships between performer and sponsor. Joe is a life long enthusiast who has wisely created and grown a synergistic business presence at the racetrack that enables his passion for auto racing. The auto Guru blog details how engine system cleaners and other sponsors help Joe race cars and thus enable his addiction to the excitement of racing high performance automobiles.

lamborghini-maintenanceRight after each race, the Paragon Competition lamborghini is thoroughly cleaned and some small computer chips are accessed inside the vehicle for information relating to the machine's last performance, The devices measure the engine core temperatures and RPM stats, the cooling and exhaust ventilation systems etc
During the cleaning process, the exterior of the car is inspected with a soft washcloth and the body of the car is searched from bumper to bumper for dents or any new abrasions. All the hoses, fuel lines, air and oil filters are checked and thoroughly cleaned. You can read all the details relating to how Paragon Competition Racing Team cleans and maintains their Lamborghini race car on CityNet Magazine in this article, and more details on Lillith gallery auto blog about the article and its perspective on mechanics being sponsored and earning prizes for best pit crew - its a good idea,

Joe Chan writes 'In our [Lamborghini] series the engine and transmission is sealed so the task is to clean and inspect everything around the engine and transmission sub frame which is stripped-down accordingly. Then we recalibrate and reassemble all of the components. Dampers are rebuilt, and bearings are all repacked and re-installed on the car.” which he admits sounds time consuming, but this is a labour of love - all racetrack mechanics obsess over their cars.

Halfway through the maitenence ritual the car's engine is exposed as the hoses are reved and spark plugs / fuel injectors cleaned. The crew flushes and replaces all the coolant and lubricating fluids used in the last race. Race Cars test products like fue, oil and even radiator cleaners and brake line flushes etc  And they test system cleaners too. Hub Pages Advanced Fuel System Cleaners shows five companies' products which have come to market after being thouroghly tested in racing environments .Each of the corporate entities behind thebrands uses rcing teams to perfect their cosnumer grade product offerings. Indeed the Paragon Competition racing team uses Bluechem fuel system cleaner in a tank of gasoline to clean the fuel lines and injectors before storing the car to await the next race.  After cleaning the inside of the engine, the master mechanic does compression tests on engine block cylinders, and the results are sometimes requested and shared with car dealerships, parts manufacturers and other R&D professionals. You can watch Ryan Wilford demo video of Bluechem Fuel System Cleaner product on YouTube.

There's a lot more to auto racing than just being a great race car driver with a fast car. The car itself is a testing ground for specially formulated liquids relating to engine propulsion, machine lubrication, and cooling metals. The liquids used to clean the engine between races can also affect the performance of the automobile. While the track tests drivers on curves and straight stretches, the car is testing these fluids by using them, and competing with them in these exciting circumstances.


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