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Ecocut Lawns Uses Battery Powered Equipment to Eliminate Exhaust from Environment
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Ecocut Lawns grass cutting service in Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering is able to boast they're 100% 'sustainable' because they use battery powered equipment. These state of the art powertools may cost more to buy as an initial investment, but the business operator saves money over time. And the atmosphere is saved.. The good news for consumers is that Ecocut green lawn care services don't cost any more than other providers' charge, so consumers living in the east end of the GTA can make an informed choice that's not based on price. There's a dicussion about market driven green choices and grass cutting on Eco Forums, and how all we can do is amplify society's natural tendancy toward green options by making them slightly more attractive for one reason or another, and there are always many shades of green right down to what environmentalists might call 'grey options'.

Ecocut uses Greenworks battery powered equipment that can run all day and then get a complete charge at night when demand across the North Amwrican power grid is the lowest. Fuel Ghoul blogs about making better batteries, and what being sustainable actually means.. Do you know?

Smart Canucks details the answer: Ecocut is sustainable because their green lawn care business is not jeopardizing the potential for people in the future to meet their basic humans needs ie clean drinking water and breathing. Their activity is sustainable; it's able to continue forever because there are no carbon emissions to add to global warming, and greenhouse gases.

The company has been trying out new employees and recently gave some bloggers a crack at the job - here's one blogger who wrote about spending an hour at Ecocut Lawns in North York Ontario.  The entire company strives to be green and efficient. All their tools run on batteries that are recharged at night when demand is lowest. Ecocut Lawns grass cutting service operates in Scarborough, Markham, Pickering, Whitby, Ajax and Oshawa Ontario, Canada.
This thread on Greener People details how the owners of the company once had a solar panel mounted on top of an equipment trailer in which they would carry their gear, but after checking the books and doing some math they came to realize that hauling around the extra weight was costing them more fossil fuel than their home made solar panel and portable electrical charging system was saving. So now they just charge batteries at home.


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