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Mannequins before Spray Foam on Life as a Human Magazine
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Last week as part of my regular work assignments, I had some fun writing two new articles for Life as a Human magazine which is publication located in Vancouver, British Columbia (I think), but one which is steadily growing a huge readership all across Canada.  I took the time to craft some compelling literature full of useful information and with original photos.

The first piece I submitted outlined the importance of selecting aesthetically superior mannequines and aluminum store fixtures, and how these ammenties can help make retail stores into more pleasing destinations for shoppers.

How Mannequines Saved The Store
The article is in fact a timely piece of journalism that comments on the declining revenues of Brick-and-Mortar retail shops in the face of online shopping websites.  This media illustrates the ideological raison detre for Jack Lin's mannequine and retail furniture, Ablelin Store Fixtures. Jack is an absolute genius for finding just the right furniture for retail stores in Toronto and his many styles of mannequines are simjply the cherries-on-top.  If you're designing a concept store you need a mannequin to put humanity into the mix Jack's blog on the Store Fixture Showcase website nicely outlines his beliefs about having the right shelves for each item on display, and how mannequines build trust with consumers. I simply echoed his thoughts and opinions and shaped his arguments into a more timely piece of reporting - the struggle between main street retailers and online merchandising giants for consumer dollars.

Then, not resting for a moment, I siezed the open window to write about George Shimi the owner operator of Everest Insulation and his SPF application business in Ontario. It was a relief to get his story in print as in truth he'd invited me out for the ride-along about a month earlier and I've had the article drafted for weeks.

My Day with a Toronto Spray Foam Contractor

was published on

. In this unusual-job story, I've artfully chronicled the day-to-day reality of a busy spray foam insulation application owner operator at work in a five bedroom house in Toronto. I took the time to relate the real life numbers as much as possible, and explain how much foam he uses and will use on the job, etc. George Shimi's work is certainly not boring, and some might even say its beautiful with the backdrop of the unfinished house behind him and his body in the white suit - it does makes the pictures quite compelling...

That piece of media adopted a first person perspective and became what I call 'passenger journalism', which is easy to write and a great way to share the details of any operation especially travel and tourism enterprises, but also small business and in this case construction industry niche content.

So look for more of my media in this publication - I registered a new author profile on Life as a Human, Rob Campbell as the editor of Sharing Toronto magazine and I made an intriguing biography without actually revealing too much about myself - thats a trick.


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