Tweetsteria Debuted in Mississauga in May, Next is Toronto, July 2017
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Tweetsteria is a heavily sponsored trivia game wherein the winners get twenty dollar bills. The game doest test knoweldge so much as it stresses player's research processes and typing skills. Read how Tweetsteria Turns Singles into Couples on Single in the City blog.

Although the program is played over Twitter, it doesnt mean participants must have a busy account on the micro-blogging platform, or have a lot of followers. Neither of these attributes are important for playing the game or help winning money. Indeed, participants often start up a wholly new account to take part in the live storytelling right there in the bar.

This is interactive storytelling and the Players are involved. Read Rob Campbell's post on MEDIUM to understand how Tweetsteria is interactive brand storytelling that will change marketing. Rob also writes about how to tell better stories for businesses using sponsored trivia on hs own Smojoe blog.

The game breaks all the rules - players are encouraged to use their phones to go online and find answers to Tweetsteria's seemingly impossible trivia questions. Armed with the correct nformation (in some cases after visiting sponsor's websites) it becomes a race to post the correct reply with the appropriate hashtag. Having a teammate helps and so in Singles events the players are encouraged to combine with members of the oppposite sex

The game changer here is how the players are paid cash for their troubles researching brand myths on the web. This is the beginning of a new trend whereby advertising agencies liquidate a portion of their client's marketing budgets and let the people work to make impressions on behalf of the brand.

Tweetsteria is the brainchild of Laura Bilotta and Rob Campbell who built the attraction up over time while employed by Surround digital marketing agency. An article about evolving Tweetsteria as a mobile marketing case study appears on the Surround blog.


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