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Modern Dentists are Scientific Superheroes with Fancy Gadgets
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Gadget girl dentist could be a powerful super hero with a myriad of portable devices that make dentistry possible, at night, in the street.

There are many ways to fight crime and a female dentist superhero patrolling the dark alleys and deserted carparks at night, could be useful. she could be out there tending to the homeless, and fighting crime by helping to ease the pain caused by tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

This powerful dentist would be armed with cordless drills and very fine needles filled with pain killing anesthetics, and all manner of dentist's surgical lasers like this Markham dentist laser; here is the latest Biolase dentist laser as described on Fuel Ghoul which you can see is small enough to be a portable ooption on the superhero's arm.. She could make this device even more portable and wear it as an attachment on her body. The laser has seven watts of cutting power, and will cut through wood. This laser will also whiten teeth when used in combination with a peroxide paste.

The superhero dentist would also do tooth extractions in a folding lawn chair; her patients would be comfortable enough and well anesthestized they would begin to feel immediate relief from their toothaches and pains. And of course she  would have a terrific affect on longterm healthcare of the region. It's a well known fact that a large percentage of terminal disease suffers can trace their frst health problems to their tooth decay.

This dentist will have super portable tools that operate from a remote accessed power supply that stems from batteries or a 120 volt outlet. She would have a long AC extension cord to power the plumbing in her backpack - in there is a watertank and also a small pump for suction.

She carries a dentists' drill like a side arm on her waist.  Her dental headpiece has a powerful lamp boasting duel quartz lights with magnifying fresnel lenses. She is the dentist with X-ray eyes, and she can spot oral cancer using the handheld Velscope vx device built right into her helmet.

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Very nice post you are shring this modern dentist. nowadays those people has going to advertise for own business and they have used beautiful.

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