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The Mid Life Crisis Marketing Show in Victoria Oct 2,3 2015
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We like to joke about it, but the cost of having a full blown mid life crises can be devastating.  What is a mid life crises? David Bainbridge, an American evolutionary zoologist who wrote Middle Age: A Natural History explains the science behind the physical, mental and emotional changes that men and women experience between the ages of 40 and 60.

Positive Mid Life Crises Messaging
the midlife crises showThe 2015 Mid Life Crises Show is happening in Victoria BC.  "There’s strength in numbers and the 50 to 75 demographic has it in spades,” says Show Manager Barbara Newton. “This is a generation ready to challenge conventions and embrace new lifestyle opportunities. “With a lot of life’s heavy lifting done and dusted, this generation is ready for re-discovery and they are coming at it with lots of life experience, some resources at their disposal and the knowledge that their time is not unlimited. They have seen their parents age and they want to make the most of this unique phase of their lives.”

Seventy eight exhibitors are already booked for Carson Hall. On Friday Oct 2nd there'll be an unforgetable evening of Canadian comedy showcasing the superb stoprytelling of legendary entertainer Brent Butt. This will be followed by a VIP Opening Reception where you can have a drink with Brent Butt and other VIPs.  This is the lighter side of a mid life crisis.

Despite the friendly tone, and tongue-in-cheek humour, immoral advertisers across Canada often prey on this unfortunate human condition. Some suggestive ads are so effective they can actually cause people to have a midlife crises. Here are the top industries that target this natural, but possibly unhealthy human condition.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

A typical ad for bad credit car loans could show a good looking man with a briefcase full of cash standing in front of a luxury car complete with a younger woman in the passenger seat. Sometimes these unscrupulous marketers will show a luxury car and beautiful girl alone with the understanding that these could be yours with proper financing. Researching the phenomenon of Mid Life Crisis Marketing campaigns while shopping for a corvette, i put all details in my blog post, Identifying a Mid Life Crisis Marketing Campaign

Used car salesmen will tell you that it’s easy to spot the man having a mid life crises. He drives into the dealership a minivan and then spends an hour looking at the corvettes. And because he’s taken the time to visit the dealership, they know he’s serious. He’ll buy whatever his Beacon Score allows and the account manager asks probing questions to create a TDSR or Total Debt Servicing Ratio. A debt service measure that financial lenders use as a rule of thumb to give a preliminary assessment of whether a potential borrower is already in too much debt.  More specifically, this ratio shows the proportion of gross income that is already spent on housing-related and other similar payments. I describe my own car shopping experience at Humberview Cherolet applying for a bad credit car loan to buy a corvette on

national lampoon vacationAdventure Travel Packages, Hedonism, Extreme Sports

When the Griswald Family goes on vacation, every character experiences a 'coming of age' and forty five year old Clarke Griswald has a quintessential mid life crises complete with a beautiful blonde fantasy woman in a red sports car.

Adventure travel businesses use words like ‘bucket list’ and ‘high points’ to entice weary workers that might consider doing something extraordinary before they die. The mere reminder of our mortality in adventure travel advertising messages can trigger physiologically unstable readers to take more chances. Hedonism resorts built their entire business model on this notion.

River kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking are the most common activities for North American mid life crises sufferers. Women most commonly choose jogging, dance, aerobics amd cycling.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is another popular solution for both men and women suffering middle age anxieties.  Most men believe they can maintain their good looks with the right practitioners, and enough funds to pay them for the next fufty years. Men often start down the long road of cosmetic improvements by first dying their hair, and then tanning, then experiment with skin care treatments and hair treatments. Male customers at most Canadian laser clinics are approximately ten years older, and richer than their female friends.

Laser Clinics, Day Spas

Numi Laser Spa in Brampton, Ontario takes a high tech approach to help men and women through middle age. Their Mid Life Crises Spa Package advertises a ‘transformation in physical appearance using lasers and ultraviolet light.’

Personal Fitness, Supplements and Sexual Health Industry

Many older people equate youth with sexual vigor perhaps because they remember their own prowess. A man’s mid life crisis can be exacerbated by feelings of sexual inadequacy. Everyone has seen advertisements that promise men new sexual powers and renewed stamina. Somewhere in these messages there’s usually a promise to help make an ‘eighteen year old body again’ which is a base desire for everyone seeking immortality. Using this measurement standard causes Canadians to reflect back on their own lives and ponder the likelihood of having their best sex again, or better sex in the future. It’s a very clever tactic as many older consumers try to recreate that aspect of their youth.

Surviving a Mid Life Crises

It's possible to escape the crisis mentality and have a positive mid life moment of epiphany without plunging deep into debt or destroying old friendships. The worst case scenario is when sufferers turn their backs on their families, disown their children or parents. Men and women who win the most from their cathartic self struggle are those who question themselves the most successfully, and in their search for answers find new values and greater comfort in their own bodies and their place in the world.


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