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Raymi Gets A Spray Tan At Urbansun Tanning Salon Before Toronto International Film Festival Party
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September is film festival season in Toronto and that means TIFF parties. This year I had the pleasure of attending the #ACTRAGetsLoose party with a well tanned Raymi the Minx and I got some great pictures at the event and wrote this article about the ACTRA Hang Loose Media TIFF party on Toronto is Awesome magazine. Raymi was welcomed onto the red carpet and the assembled photographers were absolutely delighted to take her picture and some PR ladies even posted links to her blog in their photo descriptions. Thanks Glenda Fordham for the pictures. Raymi had a raymazing night to be sure.
Earlier in the week Raymi wrote an informative blog post about getting a spray tan as a lead up to the event. Her Raymi Toronto blog entry, Raymi Visits Urbansun Tanning Salon contains a first hand account of the experience of getting a Mystic Tan spray tan, and there's a cool stop-and-start web video accompanying the text and photos of the visit. She's a cool chick and does it right - Lauren White has multiple social media platforms and is able to really work it on behalf of her sponsors, growing the followers and making good SEO links to raise their presence in social networks amd search engines.

She went to Urbansun tanning salon in Scarborough (2555 Victoria Park) and reviewed their Sun Capsule X7  HP

Sun Capsule X7 HD is a two stage rig – the second chamber is drowned in white light from a patented 5.5 sided, 220 watt tanning system, complete with 54 220 hp sunlamps. Raymi detailed this experience and went on to report what it felt like getting a Mystic Tan spray tan system which is tha cadillac of self directed spray tan mechanisms, I'm told.

Mystic Tan System

The color of confidence.  'Will I look orange?' Raymi asks, 'No.' The attendent answers routinely, "The sunless tanning solutions is made to form a natural, bronze tan, and I will help you select the proper level of tanning solution to best match your skin tone." And of course she reminded Raymi that the color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation, just like a natural sun tan fades over time.


The process started with Marianne helping Raymi get ready, tucking her hair into a net and advising exact lubricant areas. She played dance music but wouldnt turn it up as Raymi had to listen to the instruction soundtrack during the spray tan to get the timing right.

What is a Sunless tan?
This is a spray tan. The Mystic Tan is the spray / mist application of specially formulated 'tanning solution' to coat the skin on the subject's body. When applied, DHA (the active ingredient in Mystic Tan sunless tanning system solutions) reacts with the proteins in the skin’s superficial layer to form a golden brown color.

The Mystic Tan sunless spray tan uses advanced next generation electrostatic technology with a nozzle pattern designed for complete and even spray tan coverage for all body shapes and sizes. The automatic voice is a lady who speaks with urgency. She prompted me at every point of the process from the moment I switched the machine on to when I did the robot front and back and the rig sprayed my body – a titillating sensation in that well ventilated area. The drying process only takes a few minutes.

TIMELINE? The subject's skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and reaches its peak color within 24 hours. The best results appear the next day which was just in time for Raymi's red carpet TIFF walk. Follow Urban Sun on Twitter @UrbansunToronto, and find Urbansun on Facebook, the Eglinton location