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FishHunter is Made in Canada Phone Display Fish Finder for Kayak Fishing,
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I have a functioning FishHunter fish finder for kayaks safe in a box here in my apartment in Toronto. This is a nifty little gizmo that I can Bluetooth pair to any smartphone and thereby give you or any fisherman a new perspective on their favourite fishing hole. After deploying the bobber, (it has to be in the water to work) I can display the actual topography and structure on the bottom of any water body. Now I find myself planning trips to aquatic destinations wherein i can use this blessed contraption, fishing and showing off the bottom of the river or creek bed to friends or anyone who'll look.

Fishhunter fishfinder for kayaksSo here's some backstory; the fish finder gizmo itself is not modern technology considering it was invented in World War II, however the miniaturization of the components is revolutionary. And there are other even more recent advances could be considered cutting edge, state-of-the-art stuff. For example the composition and shape of the piezoelectric cells. Fuel Ghoul described some of the technological innovations behind FishHunter last year, and I'm told the newer model coming out stretches these advances even further.

Fishfinders can give you an understanding of what is in the water, what is under your kayak, the depth, the terrain and structure, and of course the fish. Smart fishmen use the device to scan the structure of the ground

While I'm sure almost any fishfinder designed for use on a small boat is suitable for use on a kayak, FishHunter is so completely portable it functions regardless of the watercraft as its a self contained tennis-ball shaped apparatus that can be deployed anywhere near' the kayak from which you are fishing.

The best fish finders for kayaks are small, sealed fishfinders that come in various sizes with a huge range of features. Hiking magazines and kayak fishing magazines like Kayak Angler are filled with reviews for small basic boat mounted fishfinders with display armatures that share a black-and-white, low-resolution screen that will show you the depth, the bottom structure, and hopefully some fish, but eventually you may evolve to a FishHunter.

Fish Hunter is a great mid range fish finder that offers an easy to read colour screen display on your phone. Its filled with information about the bottom structure, the water temperature and the water column in various different ways, the standard 2D, down-imaging, and even what’s out to the sides with the latest side imaging technology.

When combined with your phone FishHunter actually becomes a 'combo unit' that links up to GPS to offer mapping functionality, which are great for being able to chart your drift so you can paddle back and re-drift along that same line you just picked up those fish on, or use the marine chart to find the fish-holding drop offs and features.

Kayaking the Madawaska

When I'm out in the wilderness with my girl, I have a love hate relationship with technology. I just want to get away from the world, But I love using FishHunter fish finder for kayaks.

I'm trying the sell or trade the device online- selling or trading FishHunter fish finder for kayaks on Ontario Sport Fishing diuscussion forum and selling or trading FishHunter kayak fishing fishfinder on Quinte Discussion forum is ..nite

And I ended up discussing the merits of this new technology in a couple of other places, including Howard Forums which is phone technology information marketplace and discussiion forum. The thread FishHunter fish finder for kayak fishing for sale lists the web price at $149 which may be the Canadian price only.  Additionally its one of my favourite practices to write technology reviews on SmartCanucks discussion forum, FishHunter kayak fishing fishfinder.

I have to include pictures of St Anne's church and shrine in Cormac, Ontario .

Had the opportunity to discuss St Anne's shrine and church on Christian Outdoor discussion forums which is based in Alberta and so they must appreciate seeing Catholic structures built by some of the original Catholics .


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