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Removing Raccoons in Toronto with Derick McChesney of SWAT Wildlife
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I spent Friday April 15th 2016 with Derick  McChesney, the raccoon removal expert at SWAT Wildlife in Toronto. This was fun day for me because Derick has such an interesting job and few people have as much wisdom and experience finding pestulant animals in peoples' homes. The dude's a wealth of information and fin to be around.

On our first visit to a home along the Don Valley ravine he made a one-way trap door to let an adult raccoon out of the attic and keep her out. Below are some of the pictures that I had left over from a profesional article I wrote about my Day with Derick (and Mike) doing raccoon removal on Life as a Human magazine.. SWAT Wildlife deals with all types wildlife that can be a nuisance to residential, commercial and industrial properties and offers a variety of wildlife removal services & prevention strategies.

Derick was quoted in Josie Sterns real estate blog talking about raccoon removal, Well more specifically he said that “roughly 15-20% of homes probably have a mice issue or have once had a wildlife issue. Most of the time the seller will only do the minimum amount of work to get rid of the problem and decline the necessary prevention so they can sell the house and then leave the problem with someone else."

Buyers that do unwittingly purchase animal infested properties are in for nightmare renovations; they will need new carpets minimum and maybe new flooring, drywall and probably even new insulation. Derick gives even more good advice about raccoon removal on David Johanns' Home with Johanns Blog which includes a fast paced informative video interview with Derick by David Johanns on the set of an active wildlife inspection and removal in the Beaches area of Toronto.

Some homeowners question whether or not its illegal to kill raccoons on your property? Its kind of a grey area for some folks, and black and white 'YES ITS ILEGAL!' for others. So what do you think? If you found baby raccoons in your attic would you drown them? or put them outside where the mother raccoon could take them away and raise them? Well if you killed the baby raccoons you could be breaking the law. This discussion is a conversation on Toronto Golf Nuts about whether its illegal to kill raccoons in the GTA.

This Mike. He's a trainee coming on strong! He loves raccoons and wouldn't harm them or tolerate seeing them harmed in any way. He's firmly in the 'Yes its ilegal' camp, same as is Derick. Their job is to protect these animals in our urban society.  This post on Urban Toronto describes the politics of raccoons at Toronto City Hall, in municiple government, before and after Rob Ford.

Everyone has a different perspective on raccoons. I guess it depends where you live. A local home security blog lists how raccoons give clues to prowlers about good homes to rob; it seems thieves can learn a lot about a property by watching how wildlife interacts with the security perimeter and whether or not there are motion detector lights on the house etc. Its a good story.