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Highly Effective Art About Golf Lessons At Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy
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The experience of getting golf lessons at Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy in west central Ontario is the subject of a fascinating NewHive art piece by yours truly, the artist known as Roberrific. The lens as they are called shows images and anecdotes over links to three different initaitives that happened at the golf academy in the summer of 2016 - not the least of which was a Sweets Canada sponsored Singles Golf Lessons and Mixer event which happend Aug 25th 2016 and thats where I got my picture taken as you see left.

junior golfer gets golf lessons with Bradlee RyallRyall Golf Enterprises has been gleaning a lot of good press lately, because of new management at the course and recent renovations of clubhouses and certain Canadian celebrity visits have made the news. Bradlee has organized a natural golf training development model to help grow golfers through proper training and structured practice time; the process is helping transform hundreds of people into better golfers today. So this activity inspires ART. Bradlee has come to the attention of multi media artists like myself who use various tools like the one you see below to make interactive displays as homage to his genius and service to all humanity, esp to juniors who come to his golf academy seeking guidance and the gentle hand that will steer them toward a dream life as a PGA competitor.

For the rest of us, we simply count on Bradlee and his skilled team of personable golf pros to dispense the basic tips and tricks and help us with our swing so we can break 100, break ninety and maybe someday we can break eighty.

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