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Martin Dasko, Studenomics Profiled on Toronto Guardian
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Martin Dasko writes Studenomics a DIY personal finance blog in Canada. This twenty nine year old man lives and works in downtown Toronto, but the portal has an international flavour. The site is unique because Martin 'drives' the content - he writes from his own perspective, using personal pronouns and anecdotes from his own life experience, which is unlike so many other frugal blog sites where like-minded groups, anonymous non profts or nameless faceless debt consolidation managers helm the ship. The blog is so good because Martin is 'large and in charge'.
Martin Dasko, Studenomics DIY finance
Studenomics is a fantastic and useful destination filled with good information and brilliant ideas for students looking to save money or start a product label - that article, as an exmaple comes complete with links to label printing companies and glass bottlers and testing equipment suppliers. Readers get the feeling there's nothing stopping them from picking up the phone and getting started in their own venture. Same goes for Martin's prosiac pieces on personal banking, buying stocks and driving for UBER
Martin Dasko on Toronto Guardian, 31st Jan 2017
At the beginning of this month February 2017, Martin was photographed and profiled on Toronto Guardian - Studenomics, Martin Dasko’s Finance Blog for Millennials with a look at his blog, his DIY finance book for sale on Amazon, and some insights into his character.

Martin Dasko in Liberty Village Toronto

Besides holding a difficult and mentally stressfull day job ( Martin works in real estate investing and finance)  the twenty-something athlete also dresses up in a black spandex suit (covered with pink hearts) and performs as a The Latin Lover , a wrestler with Hogtown Pro live wrestling in Toronto on wknds. He's a true weekend warrior! Martin published a post titled Seven Secrets to Attracting Sponsors in Studenomics which shows him receiving a free athletic sports guard from Archer Dental.

What else? This charismatic tween is occupied writing a new book and completing some other business ventures which can't be detailed just yet. 'Its competitive' , is all Martin would say on the subject.


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